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Bristol, A Modern Town Outside Of Time

Bristol is one of the most amazing places on Earth. There is so much to see that a person could spend a lifetime making their way through the streets and passageways. One of the keys to seeing the best that Bristol has to offer is combining different types of tours and sightseeing into one large adventure. There are many self-guided tours, as well as bus tours, walking tours and waterway tours.

One of the most magical ways to see Bristol is by water. There are several chartered boat tours that make their way through the waterways. There are some things that can only be witnessed form the water and at least one boat trip should be taken. Number Seven Boat Trips has a variety of tours that can take anywhere from one hour to the entire day. These are nice and calm waters and there is no need to worry about sea sickness.

Bristol Packet Boat Trips offer privately hired tours that will work more closely with the patrons. This is great for those that have a small family that may wish to take their own time and enjoy what there is to see along the waterways. Sometimes when there are three of four people in a family or group, a highly structured water tour keeps the family from having time to see these things together and discuss what they are seeing. A private charter is definitely the way to go to get the most out of the tour. If time is of the essence, then the guided tours for larger groups will have a more solid flow and still cover everything that the personal tours cover.

No tour of Bristol is complete without one of the Bristol Pirate Walks. A person alone on one of the quaint streets can look down and virtually feel the history in the stone streets. The Bristol Pirate Walks brings all of this to life. There is real history instilled in the stones of these streets and rather than leave all that to imagination, these walks give the real information, with some fun thrown in too.

There are other walking tours that are less specific in theme and these can get a person into the broader history of the town and its people. Most of these walks hit the highlights of the town of Bristol and it is nice to take one or two of them to get a couple of different perspectives. It is always nice to take one on the north side of town and one on the south. There is so much to see in Bristol that weeks could be taken to just take the walking tours.

One thing that must not be missed is the 105 foot Cabot Tower. This was built in 1897 and is there to commemorate the voyage of John Cabot. This area combines not just the tower, but many gardens that overlook some of the most majestic buildings and countryside that the world has to offer. This event can be an hour stop or an all-day outing. Picnics overlooking the city are something that the local people love and it is a highly encouraged thing to do. It is easily one of the most breathtaking vistas that Bristol has to offer.

Bristol Cathedral is another of those sights that must not be missed. It is the center of much of the social events of the town and has been sitting right where it is for more than 1000 years. That in itself is an amazing thing to see. Just touching the walls and knowing that people have been walking into and out of this magnificent building since before 1140. It is built in the style of a hall church and has not changed much through the years. There is also the nearby Abbey gatehouse and the Chapter house to be seen. The entire area is a place outside of time.

While it is not as old, the Saint Mary Redcliffe Church is a classic example of Gothic architecture. Also, this church has stood for 800 years, which still makes it a great piece of history in itself. The 18th century style is evident in everything from the ironwork to the vast panoramas of stained glass. This is a must see. Between this church and the Bristol Cathedral, there is more than 2000 years of history and architecture to be seen. With two distinct styles, these churches should be seen either one day followed by another, or within the same day.

Pero’s bridge is a beauty that is best seen both at night and during the day. It is a footbridge that spans the harbor area. In the daytime, it offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding harbor area and the surrounding waters. At night, the lights of the bridge and harbor make this a dreamland that has to be seen to be fully understood. Pero Jones was a freed slave and is the inspiration for this breathtaking footbridge. One can only imagine walking across this bridge when lantern light was the only source of illumination.

This is only the tip of the iceberg that is Bristol. It is one of the most amazing places to be seen in the country and in the world. It would literally take weeks to fully see every nook that this town has to offer. The food is amazing and the sites are one of a kind. The area is filled with a history that goes back into the oldest recorded moments that mankind has lived. There is a magic and a mystery to some of the little corners and it is almost as if whispers of those that used to live and walk here can be heard when the quiet of night sets in.

This is something that the entire family can see and appreciate. There is fun to be had for the adults in the evening too, with several nightclubs and restaurants to choose from. The accommodations are spectacular and the prices are well within the range of any traveling family. One should try to plan ahead to see all that there is to see, but also save a little extra time to gaze at the history that is Bristol. For more information see Bristol guide


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