Bristol Restaurants Guide

 Bristol Food


Like most people you ask today, Bristol visitors and locals alike enjoy stepping out for a dining experience with their family. While there may be several reasons to participate in an evening of dining, one of the most important will be the food that they serve. The more people you have with you, the more difficult it could be to choose where to go, although with so many to choose from in Bristol, it probably wouldn’t take that long.

Everyone enjoys chinese so the only decision to make is which one offers the best variation. The Orchid Restaurant may be just what you are looking for, with a Singaporean, Thai and Chinese flavor to their menu. Average lunch prices are generally less than £10.00 and include succulent and tasty items like Sweet and Sour Chicken, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Chicken Kway Teow.

If you have ever been to the caribbean and you enjoyed the food, the Plantation Caribbean Restaurant will bring back those memories. Keep in mind that everything is a bit laid back in the islands, however, with a menu that includes Jerk chicken, Channa with curry goat and Ackee & Salt fish, it is certainly well worth the wait.

Lovers of japanese food will be pleased to know that the famous YO Sushi restaurant has a location in Bristol and they serve up some of the freshest sushi in town. Don’t assume that the only thing on this menu is Sushi, in fact if you would prefer a fire under your meat, items such as Chicken Katsu Curry, Prawn Katsu, Vegetable Tempura and Soft Shell Crab Tempura are all available on to choose from.

There are over twenty italian restaurants in the Bristol area, but one of the best is probably the Bella Italia. With more than one location in the immediate vicinity to serve you and a menu that includes some of the best Italian dishes like Fusilli Pollo Spinaci, Spaghetti Gamberi and Controfiletto ai Ferri, is there any wonder?

While some of the more flavorful and spicy foods are served in a [THAI] restaurant, Thai Edge Restaurants assures everyone that it does not have to be that way, in fact their menu of green curry chicken served in a coconut, vegetable pad Thai or deep-fried lobster with celery, ginger and spring onion, will be prepared the way you like it.

There is something about FRENCH food that says class and the Cafe Rouge brings that class to its service and choices. Whether your preference is Entrecote Rouge or Demi Poulet , you are will not be disappointed.