Bristol Tours



Visitors can take guided or self-tours to discover Bristol for themselves and enjoy the convenient local guides, guide books, and audio guides to give them the travel, historical, and legend information of the city, landmarks and particular places. Bristol has a grand maritime history, and the scenic region has many attractions. Choosing one or more tours with the personally guided or audio guides are both fabulous ways to experience Bristol.

Guided Bristol Walking Tours

Routinely scheduled guided tours cover specialized themes and sections of the city. People can choose from Medieval Bristol, Bristol’s Historic Wine Merchants, the Clifton Walk and more. The Bristol Highlights Tour walks through the best of the heart of the city, the harbour, and Old Town.

Guided Tours of Bristol and South West England

Coach and guided tours are available for Bristol, Devon, Somerset, The Cotswold’s and more. Passengers can visit historic Bath and catch the details about the Roman and Georgian spas, baths and hot springs. They can relax in the Somerset and Cotswold countryside.

Photography Walks

Walks with professional photographer guides will help people make the most of their digital cameras. Guides share photography techniques and tell the stories of landmarks and significant points throughout Bristol. This tour appreciates the historical and the contemporary city.

Pirate Walks

Visitors can walk the harbour and learn about the ancient pirates and slave trade. Great stories and history is explored featuring maritime Bristol dating back to the 1500s. The history includes trade and discoveries as well as the slave trade and pirates.

Treasure Trails

Referencing an appropriate Treasure Trail booklet, people can enjoy self-walks exploring the historic, picturesque, and fascinating parts of Bristol. The Treasure Trails consist of five different walks near Bristol city center. Detailed directions lead trail followers on specialized walking routes. People look for clues to solve mysteries or find treasures around the historic and landmark sites. Information and booklets are available at the Tourist Information Centre.

Watercraft Tours

On-board ferries and other boats, passengers can tour the Avon Gorge, observe local wildlife, and relax as the countryside passes all the way to Bath. Other trips and cruises in the harbor are provided during the day or evening when the Clifton Suspension Bridge and cityscape is lit.

 These tours, variations, and further discovery tours are exciting, educational, and a fun way to appreciate all that Bristol and the surrounding region has to offer. Taking a few tours the first day or two of a stay in the city can help those new to the area to become acquainted with Bristol and South West England. The rest of the visit can be revisiting and additional exploration of areas that seem of particular interest. Favourite restaurant spots, parks and shops will also be easier to find. Tours not only teach visitors about the past, but the guides help guests get to know the region and the local people, customs, and culture.